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<tr><td width="187" bgcolor="white" valign="top"><font face="Century Gothic"> This Is A Community For All The Ladies.<br>
There aren't any rules but one.
<b> THERE IS NO PROMOTING OF ANY KIND IN HERE.. NONE... NOT EVEN IN ANOYNES COMMENTS. if you decide you're special and promote.. you'll be banned.. so </b>
But other than that.. this if for you ladies to have fun.. and to talk about anything your heart desires.. It can be about anything in this world!! :o) So post your hearts out!<br>
The Survey App Thing:<br>
1.<b> Name </b>
2. <b> Age </b>
3. <b> Location </b>
4. <b> Anything you care to mention... such as likes... dislikes... whatever? </b>
5. <b> Pictures if you have any </b><br>
also post your subject as <b> I LOVE BEING A FEMALE!</b><br>
Have fun! :o)<br>
i almost forgot. make sure to post friends only. deal.
<td width="187" bgcolor="white" valign="top"><p align="justify"><font face="arial">Splintered piece of glass falls in the seat of gets caught / These broken windows, open locks, reminders of the youth we lost / In trying so hard to look away from you / We followed the white lines to the sunset / I crash my car everday the same way.. [<a href="http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/thursday/understandinginacarcrash.html">x</a>]<br><br></td>
<td width="187" bgcolor="white" valign="top"><font face="Century Gothic"> As of now.. i'm the only moderator/maintainer.. cuz well i just started it.<br>
This Is Me:<br>
<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v131/DomJames/MeeE/d8ab9c7d.jpg"><br>
Have Fun. </td></tr>
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